Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will contest the PKR deputy president’s post in the party election in May. He sprang the surprise on everyone after informing reporters earlier that he would not be making any announcement at a dinner at his official residence here last night.


The hall erupted into applause when he announced his intention mid-way through a speech in which he urged everyone to make the Kajang by-election their number one priority. News that he would announce his candidacy sent reporters on a wild goose chase yesterday afternoon.



Various media had reported that Khalid was expected to make the big announcement at the dinner attended by party members. Throughout the dinner, Khalid maintained that he would not be making any announcement. Khalid’s political secretary Azman Abidin was more forthright and confirmed it even before his boss spoke that the Mentri Besar would throw his hat into the ring.


“It is no secret. It is not even 99%, but a 100% sure thing,” he told The Star when met at the sidelines of the dinner. However, Azman said Khalid wanted to concentrate on the water deal signed between the state government and Federal Government for now. Khalid’s other staff members also confirmed that he would go for the post and it was only a question of when he would declare his intention.


The PKR election is expected to be held in May and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has confirmed that he will be going for the presidency. Khalid’s bid for the deputy president’s post will pit him against Azmin Ali, who will be running for the position for a second term.