Yes you heard me loud and clear senior Anwar Ibrahim. You want any form of success for Reformasi 2.0. Go back to jail. Don't wait for the Appeal. Just walk up to Kamunting prison and ask the warden to let you in. Bring the old prison clothes you had the last time and just go. It's about time Anwar. The country cannot wait for you to keep chickening out on something that has either a positive or negative effect on the whole country. Lets get it over with once and for all. You say you have the support. Now is the time to prove it.


Walk into Kamunting jail. Its not far from Kuala Lumpur. Its about a 2 hours drive and before Penang. You can't miss it as that was where Mahathir kept you for 6 years. Why did Mandela succeed ? Because he put the people first before himself. He was willing to rot in jail because he knew at the end he would succeed. Are you willing Anwar ? Are you really that man that everything is saying you are ? Or are you a chicken wannabe Prime Minister not able to take the final leap of faith in the country riddled with economic and politic unstablities. Who are you going to believe ? Azmin ? Khalid ? Guan Eng ? Nurul ? Or the people ? Who are you working for ? For them or for the people ? Who keeps you alive every single day ? The people or them ? Think about it.


Reformasi 2.0 was a failure yesterday. From the buses that had to be used to bring in the people, from the sms's and calls that had to go out to bring in the crowds, this is not Reformasi 1999. This is nothing like 1999. This is a pure shame and shamble opposition leader still believing that he can call and the mice come running. Are you going to give up your freedom so that the people can have theirs Anwar ? Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in the name of our country or are you just going to talk and talk and talk till there is no tomorrow or till Mahathir has died listening to you talk and talk and talk ? Which is it going to be ? Are you really the chicken they say you are or are you going to be a man and go check in Kamunting jail so that the country can do what it needs to do ? What is it going to be ?


From the name calling, slander, accusations, and the Government wasting billions of Ringgit just to appease you ? Is it worth it ? Is it worth squeezing the country out of everything it has when you can just walk into Kamunting jail and Reformasi 2.0 will have its jump start that is poorly needed. Yeah I know all the hangers on will tell you its a crazy thing to do. Yup ! They will probably end up in the lockup with you, and that scares the hell out of them. But you Anwar ? I am surprised. You spent 6 years in jail only to be FREED without CHARGE. Can you believe it ? Malaysia jailed the Deputy Prime Minister, charged him and after 6 years he would found NOT GUILTY of all charges brought by Mahathir against him. Mahathir robbed 6 years out of your life. How many years do you want them to rob from the people ? Are you not seeing the clearer picture ?


UMNO will NOT allow you in jail. Its time you went on your own. Come on Anwar. Which is it going to be ? Selfish and think of yourself, or are you going to feel the spirit of REFORMASI and walk straight into Kamunting prison on your own.