Entri embraces Mawan after cabinet meeting, return of the G5 to SPDP now a reality

If the touching scene at the State Cabinet Meeting yesterday is anything to go by, Mawan’s move to reconcile with the G5 may become a reality soon.

A party insider disclosed that former SPDP vice president Datuk Sylvester Entri Muran embraced party president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom after they were encouraged by outgoing Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and his successor Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem to make up.

That gesture is significant because Entri, who is Marudi assemblyman, and four others, whose moniker is G5 (for Group of Five), have been at loggerheads with Mawan for years, and their ties were severed with their sacking in November 2011 and January 2012 for gross insubordination.

The other G5 members are Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie, Rosey Yunus (Bekenu), Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau) and former Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe.

They remained partyless till today, but are staunch BN supporters.

According to the party insider, Taib and Adenan were contented with Mawan’s initiative to reconcile with his former comrades.

“At the end of the cabinet meeting yesterday, both Taib and Adenan praised Mawan for being cool and diplomatic (in initiating the reconciliation). They then encouraged the SPDP president and Entri to make up.

“Entri then came up to Mawan and embraced him, a gesture which promises better things to come for SPDP. Several close aides of BN leaders even took photographs of them together.”

After chairing the party’s supreme council meeting at its headquarters at Jalan Badruddin here on Sunday, Mawan who is also BN vice-chairman, told a press conference that SPDP was ready to extend an olive branch to the five for the betterment of the state BN and the party.

He said SPDP was ready to accept their applications to rejoin the party. He added that consolidation also meant reconciliation as SPDP was all about moving forward in tandem with developments in the country.

A day earlier, after officiating at a function at Batu Lintang Teachers’ Training College, Mawan told reporters: “The chief minister has asked us to reunite and reconsolidate ourselves, we are responding to that. We have to …there is no other way which we can go.

“The reconciliation is somewhere there. It may not be taking a 100 per cent form. I believe the solution to our party is through reconciliation and we must go beyond our emotions and personal feelings. Efforts must be seen and done in the interest of BN solidarity.”

Nansian, who is the G5’s spokesperson, then issued a press statement on Sunday by stating that the group was ready to bury the hatchet with Mawan. The statement was issued barely two hours after the SPDP Supreme Council endorsed Mawan’s call to the G5 to return to the party.

“To us G5, we are staunch BN members and team players and would always be receptive to such initiative for the sake of the BN and to enable us to serve the people better.

“Thus, we the G5, believe that the initiative will be doable, with SPDP president able to convince and make necessary preparations for the exercise to accommodate us at the party level and that the top BN leadership at state and federal levels are prepared to give their blessing and facilitate the exercise into reality,” said Nansian.

The state cabinet meeting held at Wisma Bapa Malaysia was expected to be the last that Taib would chair as he would be stepping down this coming Friday. All state cabinet members attended the meeting.